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Verso is a wearable device that operates as a universal gesture controller for designing your gestures and play games, music, and sports, or interact with professional software, on PCs and smartphones. Our easy-to-use gesture editor enables users to define new gestures, customize interaction, and design new ways to engage with their favorite apps. Also, new gestures and gesture-based applications can be uploaded to our marketplace and shared with other users.


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Viva las Vegas! That’s what Elvis used to sing…

And now we too of the Verso team! We have been selected, as a result of our application to the tender “Made in Italy, The Art of Technology”, to participate in an important international Contest in the above-mentioned city, Las Vegas! CES 2018, the International Consumer Electronics Show, is one of the most anticipated events in the world and dedicated to new technologies and we will be participating, from 8th to 12th January, with our stand to introduce the Verso One device.

We create wearable and intuitive systems that allow users to achieve what they want when and where they want it, so simple that they become essential and disappear


Use verso wearable to design your gestures and play games, music, and sports, or interact with professional software.


They read the 8 most innovative wearables in thought or control the health of the dogs

Wearable devices are at such a level of evolution that they can fulfill the requests that the user thinks to himself without saying it. The new targets are the four-legged friends

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“With our ring you will command electronic gestures”

Today, December 11, 2017 we have been live at GR1 Radio, here is the link to listen to us

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Case History: Verso One

The motivational aspect of our daily work can be summed up in a single word: Innovation. It is the spirit that moves our customers and, in the specific instance of Verso Techologies, it becomes a product with a 360-degrees perspective.

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Verso One, the universal remote for virtual reality

Verso One is the new wearable device that interacts with mobile devices. Applications and virtual environments thanks to Verso Technologies.

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Wearable, because Verso One focuses on crowdfunding

Verso Technologies was founded in 2017 with the aim of developing next-generation interactive systems.

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One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them: Verso ONE

The quote in the title, from the legendary “Lord of the Rings” by Jrr Tolkien, may seem ironic, but this is not a joke: fantasy is about to be overtaken by reality.

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Two new equity crowdfunding campaigns gather a large part of the target in just a few days

The equity crowdfunding rounds of Verso and DropTO startups, respectively on Mamacrowd and Opstart, gathered in just a few days 50% of the target amount

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Useful documents and information for investors

In all transparency and in compliance with the article 25, subparagraphs 11 and 12, of the Legislative Decree No 179 of 18 october 2012 converted, with amendments, from the law No 221 of 17 december 2012, and of the article 4, subparagraph 3, of the Legislative Decree No 3 of 24 january 2015, converted with amendments from the law No 33 of 24 march 2015. If you need more information, please download a pdf version of the document with the details of the Verso Technologies srl registration with competent authorities (italian Chamber of Commerce).

Verso is the beneficiary of the public call “Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative start-ups with a high intensity of knowledge application and for research initiatives of spin-offs in areas in line with Smart Specialization Strategies” – Research and Innovation – Integration of the public call “PRE-SEED” pursuant to Resolution n. G03793 of 03/27/2017 – POR FESR LAZIO 2014 – 2020

The project:
Verso is a company that designs, develops and markets hardware and software systems that allow users to interact more naturally with devices and applications, thanks to the possibility of controlling applications and immersive environments with hand and finger movements.
VERSO has patented a technology that, applied to any object, is able to recognize its movement. The first VERSO product is a wearable gesture controller: a ring that allows you to interact with PCs and smartphones, in a simple and intuitive way. Besides being the most accurate product in its category, VERSO is versatile and long-lasting, thanks to an app marketplace which allows people to use VERSO with commercially available or developed software.

The investment plan mainly involves the realization of all the activities necessary to guarantee the rapid launch of the product on the international market:

– Recruitment of new personnel to realize the Firmware
– Investing in Research & Development to improve the existing product
– Improvement of the brand awareness using part of the budget to international marketing
– Promotion of a pre-purchase campaign to launch the product

The contribution granted € 85.990,40

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